Complete Labelling Solutions

We have solutions for any application with custom designed labelling equipment including product handling systems integrated with existing customer lines
We offer 3 main flexible standard categories of Open Frame labelling systems/machinery, designed for in-line labelling of products with rectangular, square, elliptical or circular base (cylindrical and conical).
Extremely quick equipment set-ups.
Operational adjustments do not require the use of tools.
Depending on the application and label information required, all Labelling systems can be equipped with both labellers and Print & Apply labellers.
"LIGHT" (for applying 1 label)
"SOLID" (for applying up to 2 labels)
"SKYTECH" (for applying from 1 to 4 labels) for largest scale production
We also offer:
"STRIPED LINERLESS" ( A system for ecological labelling of tubs and parallelepiped products. Allows for application on the upper surface, sides and base of the product )
"CARD BOARD "( A system for labeling and coding flat products: laid down packets (either already glued or still “open”), telephone and credit cards, membership cards, envelopes, hang tags for clothing, etc.)
"PHARMATRACK"( A system for coding and labeling pharmaceutical packets. It allows for application on the upper surface of the product )




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