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Arcalog is a “suite” of programs specially designed for production environments and industrial logistics. Arcalog runs in Windows, employs the most common databases (Microsoft SQL) and provides guarantees of reliability and development continuity

These standard software applications are easily integratable and compatible
with Sato, Zebra, Videojet printers, and can be customized to work with the most common digital print devices (thermal transfer, inkjet and laser)

The USER SECURITY module allows for the profiling of users and various qualifications, securely managing all tasks
Customizable and compliant to multinational contexts, thanks to a multilingual user interface (Italian/English standard)


  • Print management
  • Unattended labeling
  • Traceability of products and shipments
  • Packaging validation

INSPECTOR is a control unit comprising an industrial PC with a color touch screen interface (8” LCD screen) and embedded operating system

Thanks to the numerous applications available, INSPECTOR can:

  • manage one or more print devices, directly from the production line and in total security. It includes functions such as review, manage layout variables, automatic selection of last printed label on each restart (Print Only)
  • automatically update graphics to be printed based on one (Change) or more (Label Management Slim) identification elements detected from the field
  • control code readers and vision sensors for “packaging validation” (Code Check function) and monitor the degree of readability, maintaining production continuity (Code Verification)
  • trace production, recording unambiguous identifiers on packages, for each production lot, with the possibility of reconciling rejects (Tracking Slim and Tracking Slim Pharma).
  • detect all production data: products processed, discarded, line downtimes, etc. (Production Monitor)
  • quickly start up the line, via “product work programs”, memorizing and recalling configuration parameters for Arca devices (Quick Set Up)

check all application functions for any Arca print apply unit or labeler connected (any model equipped with Advanced electronics), via an additional, simple and intuitive graphic interface


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